Stressed out in your business? Need some better strategies to feel back in control of things and prevent that dreaded 'burnout' leaving your small business without its responsible owner sooner rather than later?

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • Aims of the course
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  • 2
    How stress raises its ugly head
    • What is stress exactly?
    • Why people react differently to stress
  • 3
    Why Your Strategies Might Not Be Working For You!
    • Using The Right Kind Of Coping Strategy For Your Type Of Stress?
    • Coping Strategies Survey
    • Capture Your Stressors & Reactions
    • Stress Journal
    • What’s My Personality Type?
    • Glazer Stress Control Lifestyle Questionnaire
  • 4
    How Can I Do Better For Me And My Business?
    • A Healthy Dose Of Mindfulness
    • Avoid Friction
    • Build Resilience
    • Can I Control Or Influence This?
    • Get On Top Of Things – Prioritisation
    • Slow Down To Speed Up!
    • Parkinson’s Law – What A Waste Of Time!
    • Document Your Evidence And Feel The Power
    • Shake Off And Revitalise Your Energy
    • Virtual Assistance For Real Rewards
    • Remove Or Block Environmental Distractions
    • Just Start Somewhere, Anywhere
    • Catastrophising – Is It The End Of The World?
    • Memento Mori
    • 80 20 Principle
    • Time Blocking Is Your Best Defence
    • Eisenhower Matrix For Time Management
    • Communication Boundaries
    • Sleep Well
    • Systematise
    • Take A Day Off
    • Learn To Say, “No”
    • Breaks Through The Day Keep The Fog Away
    • Ditch The Networking Meetings
    • Identify Your Least And Most Productive Hours
    • Cut The Crap!
    • Multi-tasking The Right Way
    • Organise Your Email To Organise Your Time
    • Aims, Goals And Objectives – Do You Know The Difference?
    • When You Can’t Focus, And Work Isn’t Happening
    • Expect The Unexpected
    • On Air!
    • Give Anxiety The Axe

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